Concrete Counter Tops

Here at Compass Custom Creations, we design, fabricate and install artisan concrete countertops, vanities, desktops, tabletops and more. Whether you have an indoor or outdoor project, our unique solutions can accommodate all styles and needs. With a number of customizable choices for every project like the incorporation of wood, metal, masonry, glass, color, light, water; the only limit is your imagination!  Even if you have a unique space, we can create a custom solution to bring your vision to life.

Furniture & Built-ins

We pride ourselves in creating unique solutions made from wood! The fantastic thing about custom furniture is that each piece is designed to fit the client’s space and needs.  Furthermore, our custom furniture design allows you to choose the materials, size, color and finish to satisfy your wants and needs. This way, we can create a beautiful solution that not only meets the needs of your space, but incorporates your style as well.

Basement Finishing

We can help to turn raw, unfinished basement spaces into something useful and beautiful!  Whatever your vision for a finished basement, we can bring it to life.  A finished basement adds enjoyment and value to your home. With basement finishing from Compass Custom Creations,  you can benefit from a new space in your home to love, use, and enjoy.

Bath Remodeling

Remodeling your bathroom gives you the opportunity to arrange your bathroom space in a way that is better for your daily use. Rather than the way the initial builder intended, use your bathroom space to provide for your wants and needs. With bathroom remodeling from Compass Custom Creations, you have the opportunity to improve not only the function of your bathroom, but the appearance and efficiency of the room as well. In just a few weeks, your bathroom can become more accessible and useful.  Our bathroom remodeling services can range from simply replacing pieces to a full-fledged reconstruction. Whatever your vision, we can help to provide a customized solution to make your dreams come to life.